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Today's most successful businesses are embracing neuroinclusive hiring and employment practices. There are still many opportunities for businesses to incorporate inclusive practices in a meaningful way. In fact, 85% of autistic college graduates are unemployed. That's where NEXT CONNECTS comes in. NEXT CONNECTS is a bi-directional mentorship program that supports both prospective employees as well as employers - with the common goal of workplace inclusion and employment success. It empowers aspiring professionals with autism while simultaneously promoting workplace inclusion in businesses of all sizes.

We are currently recruiting participants for a summer cohort running from June  through September, 2024.


are neurodivergent. You may be finishing up college or recent college graduates on the hunt for a job. You are ready to learn tips and tricks for having a quality resume, acing an interview and navigating the mysterious world of networking.  


are professionals who have been in their career for at least three years and can be neurodivergent or neurotypical. You’re all about sharing your work wisdom, giving insight, and helping others grow their careers.  Plus, you’re committed to becoming better allies, learning how to communicate with all kinds of colleagues and making workplaces welcoming for everyone.  

 I got to learn about the specific ways job seekers find work in animation to expect once I secure employment. - Josh S. Aspring Professional

What's Included

- Nine eLearning lessons on critical neurodiversity in the workplace topics 
- Pre-designed agendas to guide your discussions
- Self-scheduled mentorship sessions
- Actionable resources for established professionals to build inclusive workplaces
- Actionable resources for aspiring professionals to secure meaningful employment  

At NEXT for AUTISM we believe that everyone deserves to live a productive and fulfilling life. Learn more about our programs and impact at NEXTforAUTISM.org

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